Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What product varieties do you offer?

We have a range of products and solutions that are broadly categorized under Industrial/Commercial and Residential, visit our site for more information.

Can I buy from the factory directly?

Yes, you can purchase directly from us, please contact us on 0788 202020 or visit one of our branches for more information.

I need more information on your products.

More information on our products and solutions is available on our website, alternatively you can contact us on 0788 202020 or visit one of our branches.

What are your prices?

Pricing for our products and solutions varies depending on your location and the material that you choose.

What is the cost for a simple 2 bedroomed house?

The price would vary depending on the solution and products you choose, our staff would be happy to take you through the options available so you can make the right choice.

I need quotation for Versatile

If you share the quantities required we would be happy to provide a quotation, alternatively you can share the roof plan and we can provide you with a quote.

Send me a quotation.

Kindly advise on the product to quote for

Do you provide steel trusses??

Yes we do, quotations can be provided if you share a roof plan.

Do you offer delivery services?

No, we do not offer delivery, our service centres are the pick up locations for the materials that you require.

What are your modes of payment?

You can make payment via Card, Cheque, Bank Transfers or Bank Deposits, please note that we do not accept cash payments in our branches

Do you have instalment payment options?

Please contact us directly or visit one of our Branches for more information.

How do I access ALAF products in a specific location?

A list of our Branches and Distributors can be found on our website along with their contact information. Alternatively, you can contact us 0800 750 194 and we can put you in touch with the nearest Branch or Distributor.

How can I identify original ALAF from counterfeit?

Each sheet is embossed with “ALAF” and the shorthand profile name as well as the following details printed on the underside, Batch Number, Brand and Gauge.

Which sheet profiles are fit for Rain Water Harvesting?

All our profiles are safe for water harvesting, however as with all roofing materials the water must be treated first if it is to be consumed.

How many sheets will I use in a ‘normal three bedroom house’?

Each home is slightly different and will therefore require different quantities of materials, it will also depend on the profile you select. If you provide a drawing and the profile we will be able to provide you with a cutting list of the sheets required.

Do you do installations?

We do not offer installation services, we do however have recommendations on what installers you can use through our trained installers.

What is the price for “box profile”?

We have several options for “Box Profile” if you select the Profile, Gauge and Colour we will be able to provide you with pricing.

Do you have the clear/translucent sheets?

We supply Polycarbonate Sheets under the brand Cleardek, currently we have a range of Profiles to match our roofing sheets as well as Multiwall that can be used for various applications aside from roofing.

Do you have stone coated panels?

We do offer Stone Coated Roofing Tiles that are sold under the Lifestile Brand. Currently we have three profiles; Shingles, Waves and Roman Tile, and the required accessories to complete your house.

Do you offer warranty?

We do offer warranties on our products, however they differ depending on the products purchased and its application, for more information please contact us on 0800750194